Michael Lasser




 “Fascinatin’ Rhythm reveals America to itself through popular songs.”

 “Michael Lasser surprises people into learning.” -- Nancy Woodhull. The Freedom Forum


Winner of a 1994 George Peabody Award, the most prestigious award in broadcasting, for its “celebration of American culture.” On the air since November 1980, in national syndication since 1989, heard on as many as 120 stations from coast to coast.

What distinguishes Fascinatin’ Rhythm from other radio shows that play similar songs is the program’s weekly theme (a kind of song, a composer or lyricist, a performer, theme, or image), the variety of its music, and what the Peabody Award citation called Michael Lasser’s “sparkling commentary.”




Listeners, Please Note:  If you haven’t heard Fascinatin’ Rhythm, click here to send me an email to get a “telescope” of the show, a twenty-minute CD that demonstrates what it’s like.

Program Directors, Please Note:  For further information about adding Fascinatin’ Rhythm to your schedule, contact Jeanne Fisher, Vice-President for Radio at jfisher@wxxi.org.